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At RFW Wealth Advisors, the client experience is based on a comprehensive financial planning relationship with an experienced independent financial professional. Whether you are close to retirement, in retirement, or far from retirement, an ongoing comprehensive approach will help you navigate life’s financial challenges. A true financial planning relationship is an ongoing process that defines your goals, develops and implements well reasoned strategies, and monitors your plan throughout changing economic times and life events. We are there with you for the long run!

Through years of working with clients from their 20s to their 90s, we have come to understand that what clients care most about can change over the years. By developing a long term relationship with a trusted independent advisor, our clients plan for future issues and decisions they will face throughout their lives. We can help you evaluate options and make educated decisions today about your financial future. Through our educational planning process, our clients feel empowered with confidence that they are in control of their financial future. We understand that a solid financial planning relationship gives clients the peace of mind they deserve and the security of knowing that they have a trustworthy partnership with their advisor to help them reach their financial goals.

Our financial planning process:

  • Identify your goals and assess your risk tolerances through an in-depth interview.
  • Construct a financial appraisal to establish your financial resources and liabilities.
  • Construct and environmental and portfolio risk analysis to assess where you are in reference to your goals.
  • Evaluate the results and educate you on the pros and cons of various strategies that could benefit your circumstances.
  • Make specific recommendations and implement your financial plan upon mutual agreement.
  • Once implemented, we monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. We will update and redesign your plan in order to reflect changes to your personal circumstances and economic conditions through consistent client service.
  • We deliver this relationship using the RFW Wealth Integration System. Our web based technology solution allows our clients to aggregate all of their financial information and investment accounts in one safe place, simplifying their financial life. With this resource, clients can view their up to date financial planning reports at any time.
    RFW Advisors

At RFW Wealth Advisors, we pride ourselves in working with our clients through a planning and educational approach designed to provide well-reasoned solutions that can be easily understood. We advise our clients on cash flow planning, protection planning, investment planning, retirement planning, college planning, and tax and estate planning. We help business owner clients develop strategies to help their businesses accomplish the owners’ personal goals while protecting the profitability and longevity of the business. We help the owner implement employer/employee benefits and develop exit strategies for the owner as they plan for their own retirement.

If you would like to interview one of our senior partners for consideration to be your personal wealth advisory team, we are pleased to offer a complimentary initial consultation. In this meeting, we can learn more about what you or your business is trying to accomplish financially, and you can learn more how we could help you accomplish your goals. 

Please feel free to call our offices at 904-517-5400 or email us at to schedule a time today.

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