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How independent is your financial advisor?

  1. Independence
    How independent is your financial advisor
    Having an independent advisor is an important factor in today’s economic environment. Independence means your advisor has the freedom and ability to choose from a very wide array of financial products in the marketplace. As financial advisors, we believe it is our duty to have access to as many suitable options as we can in order to offer the most objective advice and service to our clients. A large financial company’s obligation to its stock holders is not always in alignment with its clients’ interests.
  2. Financial Planning
    Studies have shown that many people feel their financial advisor doesn’t contact them frequently enough. At RFW Wealth Advisors, communication with our clients on a regular, consistent basis is a top priority. We enable ourselves to honor this commitment by working with fewer clients and engaging them based on a financial planning process, delivered through a web based client experience called the RFW Wealth Advisors Wealth Integration System.
  3. Investment Planning
    The challenges facing clients today are unique. We are currently living in very volatile economic and geopolitical times. It is crucial that you have all of the necessary arrows in your quiver to navigate this market, whether it goes up, down or sideways. We offer traditional stock, bond and cash investments along with alternative investments to provide additional diversification strategies to help navigate the volatility we are experiencing in today’s fast moving markets.
  4. Specialization
    At RFW Wealth Advisors, we specialize in working with high net worth clients in many areas to quarterback their personal wealth management through a financial planning process. These include planning for business owners, estate tax and legacy planning in addition to wealth management- all with a focus on managing risk.
  5. Community Involvement
    We host entertaining events for clients and “Friends of RFW” that can give you an opportunity to meet other retirees with similar interests. These events include golf outings, wine tastings, educational seminars and more.
  6. Related Services
    Because financial planning, tax preparation, and legal services are inextricably linked, it is important for your financial advisor, CPA, and attorney to share information with ease. We are aligned with local CPAs, attorneys and business transition & valuation experts to help clients reach their financial goals.

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