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This is One of the Top Five Bubbles of All Time

January 05, 2021

Recently Josh Brown sat down with Rob Arnott on his weekly podcast on YouTube’s The Compound channel.  This thirty-minute conversation caught my ear as they discussed a wide variety of issues surrounding our current state of markets.  Titled “This is One of the Top Five Bubbles of All Time”, gives you a little insight into the conversation between Brown and Arnott.  I highly recommend you take a listen.

Josh Brown is CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, a nation-wide registered investment advisory firm.  Brown has spent his career assisting individuals and corporations with investments and portfolio management.  He is the author of Backstage Wall Street, blogs at “The Reformed Broker” and hosts weekly podcasts on The Compound channel.  He does a great job of delivering pertinent market knowledge in entertaining form.

Rob Arnott currently serves as chairman for Research Affiliates, LLC, a leader in the asset management industry.  Arnott has had a long-standing career in the financial literature industry.  He has edited and co-authored several books on the topic of asset allocation and investing.  He’s served in various positions throughout the financial industry and received several awards for his financial publications.

Check out this podcast with expert commentary surrounding what’s going on in the markets today.  Brown and Arnott share great insight on interest rates, growth and value stocks and much more.

This is One of the Top Five Bubbles of All Time