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The End Game Episode 3

September 30, 2020

The End Game Episode 3

Bill Fleckenstein is a finance columnist and the president of Fleckenstein Capital, a money management firm based in Seattle, WA.  Grant Williams is a blogger with over 26 years’ experience in international finance.  He currently is the portfolio and strategy advisor for Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore.  Together they have teamed up to host “The End Game” podcast.  Each episode, Fleckenstein and Williams engage in discussion regarding current financial and economic conditions with guests.  Interviews with some of the most respected names in the industry offer valuable insight and analysis. 

On “The End Game Episode 3”, Fleckenstein and Williams interview Mike Green of Logica Advisors to discuss the role passive investing may have to play in The End Game.  Green discusses his thoughts on the effects of passive investing on the markets and the world we live in today. 

Mike Green has 30 years experience in the study of markets and market structure.  His research involves the shift from actively managed portfolios and investments to strategies involving passive investment.  He’s presented to the Federal Reserve and numerous other industry groups.  His work’s main focus has been to bring attention to the risk these passive strategies pose to global capital markets.

Take the time to listen to “The End Game Episode 3” linked below.  It is a fascinating discussion between financial strategists providing interesting insight in our markets today and their predictions for what will happen to capital markets in the future.

The End Game Episode 3- Mike Green