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RFW Wealth Advisors has expanded services offering complimentary consultations.

March 10, 2016

Would you be interested in sitting down with any of our financial service professionals?  Our line-up of offerings and team members has grown through the years. RFW financial planning and wealth management professionals have been providing clients with financial planning, investment, and life insurance advice for more than 25 years.  But in recent years, we have added to our team of talent. We now have CPAs and accountants, home and auto insurance specialists, and real estate professionals working here in our offices. If you are concerned with recent market volatility, need a CPA, are buying or selling real estate, or are wondering if your insurance needs are covered at a competitive premium, please know we are offering some complimentary services this year.


Our complimentary services include:


  • Wealth Management – With a recent increase in global market volatility over the last year, are you aware of the risks you are taking based on how your portfolio is positioned?  Are you concerned about how to invest for income from your portfolios in this low interest rate environment?  Do you know how to generate Required Minimum Distributions(RMDs) from your IRAs?  Our financial planners (CFPs) are offering complimentary portfolio risk analyses and income strategy reviews.* We are happy to evaluate your current portfolio, tell you how we work with our clients, and/or just offer a second opinion on your current financial plan.


  • Accounting** – Its Tax time!!  Are you looking to work with a CPA? Our CPAs and accountants are currently taking on new clients for individual returns for professionals and small businesses.  After April 15th, they are offering a complimentary review of your last 3 years’ returns for any missed tax return savings or missed opportunities.


  • Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance – Is your group term insurance competitively priced?  Is your Term coverage coming to an end soon?  Are you concerned if low returns and interest rates are damaging the likelihood of maintaining your permanent life insurance policy for the rest of your life?  Our financial planners (CFPs) are happy to quote new term coverage rates to suit your needs.  In addition, for your current permanent coverage (Whole Life, Universal Life, or Variable Universal Life) we will request, on your behalf, an in-force ledger statement from your current carrier, review the reports, and make any necessary recommendations.  This health check-up will help you make sure you know what type of insurance you have and how it is performing versus the assumptions that were made when you took out your coverage.  As insurance brokers (versus insurance company employees), we work with many insurance companies to make sure your policies are competitively priced and offer you the specific features and benefits you are looking for.

  • Home and Auto Insurance – Storm season is right around the corner. Damaging high winds and wet roads can often remind us that accidents do happen.  The State of Florida is often considered the most confusing and complicated state to find well priced coverage.  Is your coverage sufficient?  Is everything you think is covered in your policy, actually covered?  Are you a high net worth individual or professional that personal injury attorneys would love to sue?  Are your assets high risk and difficult to find companies that are willing to insure them?  Are your assets owned and insured correctly for married or domestic couples?  Have all the appropriate endorsements and discounts been applied to your policies?  Our home and auto insurance specialists offer complimentary risk assessments and cost/benefits reviews so you know more about your coverage and know that it is competitively priced against the large Florida marketplace of insurance companies.  Again, our insurance specialists are brokers, not insurance company employees.


  • Real Estate – For our Florida First Coast clients, we have well-seasoned real estate agents with Pablo Creek Real Estate working in our offices.  If you are looking to sell your home this year, Jaci Ward and her team will be happy to prepare a complimentary market analysis of your home.  If you are looking to buy, she and her real estate agents are very experienced with both the new construction and re-sale markets across the First Coast.

With this team of financial professionals, our clients have access to quality of advice and services in one place.  We look forward to working with you soon!  Please call and make your initial appointment today!  Email or call me today at 904-517-5414. My assistant, Sunni Brownfield, or I will be happy to schedule an appointment.

*The initial review/analysis is complimentary. Should you decide to do any securities-related business in the future, the usual fees/charges will apply.

**Please note, Cambridge Investment Research does not offer tax advice.

Warm Regards,


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