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MacroVoices Podcast Episode 233

October 01, 2020

Recently I listened to the MacroVoices Podcast episode 233 which features interesting discussion between hosts, Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna and guest Jesse Felder.  Recorded in August, this hour and 20 minute long recording covers a variety of content including the stock market, gold, the U.S. Dollar and more.  I highly recommend you take a listen.

MacroVoices weekly podcasts were started in 2016 by Erik Townsend; a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager.  At a very young age, Townsend cultivated a natural affinity for computers at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence laboratory.  By 20 he had his private and commercial pilot’s licenses and by the mid-80’s he had invented an approach to distributed system design that is now commonly known as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Townsend’s company worked with Wells Fargo in the 1990’s to implement SOA technology, leading to Wells Fargo becoming the first internet bank by 1995.  Townsend is a world traveler and student of macroeconomic/fundamental investing and the mechanics of derivatives trading.  He launched a Global Macro-strategy hedge fund in 2013 and is a popular financial podcast personality.

MacroVoices co-host, Patrick Ceresna is a Chartered Market Technician, Derivative Market Specialist, Canadian Investment Manager and instructor on derivatives for the TMX Montreal Exchange.  Patrick specializes in analyzing the global macro market conditions and translating them into investment and trading opportunities.  Patrick teaches Big Picture Trading’s Technical, Options, Trading and Macro Masters programs as well as providing daily live market webinars, alert services and model portfolios.

Guest, Jesse Felder is the founder, editor and publisher of The Felder Report.  Felder began his career at Bear, Stearns & Co. and later co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm.  The Felder Report’s writing and research have been featured in major financial publications and websites including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Yahoo Finance, and many more. 

During the MacroVoices Episode 233 podcast, Felder offers his thoughts on Mike Green’s statements regarding passive investing (check out my blog post titled, The End Game Ep. 3 for more on that) and his outlook on gold and the U.S. dollar.  I found this discussion very interesting relating to our current market conditions today.  Be sure to take a listen.

MacroVoices Podcast Episode 233 Jesse Felder:  How Long Can Stock Market Mania Continue?