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Who Are We?

RFW Wealth Advisors is an independent financial services firm with advisors offering comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and business owners. RFW Wealth Advisors was founded by its senior partners, Christopher H. Reuschle, Kenneth A. Friedman, and Stuart Tracy Winfree.

After successful careers as franchise owners with one of the nation’s top financial planning companies, we made a difficult decision at a difficult time to step out and join an independent broker dealer. During one of the worst recessions in our country’s history, RFW Wealth Advisors was established with the trust and confidence of our clients in February of 2009.

Given the increased global financial market volatility over the first decade of this century, it was clear to us that important secular changes were occurring in the world economy that would require additional strategies than the traditional “buy and hold” investments typically marketed to the retail investor. Although these investments served the retail investor well during the 80’s and 90’s, we wanted to increase our access to institutional and alternative asset class managers. We feel these asset managers provide our clients with additional portfolio diversification alternatives, building on our extensive financial planning expertise and focus on client service.

We were also concerned by the behavior of the big Wall Street and corporate investment firms that could suggest they cared more about profit and their stock price than they did about their clients. For this reason, we sought out a relationship with a broker dealer that has an open architecture and would embrace the independent advisor. It was important to us that our broker dealer be a privately held company without any ownership interest in or by a mutual fund or insurance company. We wanted to avoid the many conflicts of interest clients can come across in the investment marketplace based on the company for which an individual’s advisor may work. Lastly, we wanted to make sure that the custodian of our clients’ accounts would be with a strong and well capitalized financial company.

Our Primary Purpose

As registered representatives of Cambridge Investment Research Inc., we feel that RFW Wealth Advisors is partnering with a well established broker dealer that embraces independence and objectivity. We have Cambridge Investment Research Inc. acting as our Broker Dealer and National Financial Servies, LLC (NFS) a Fidelity Investments® Company as custodian of our client assets. It is on this platform where we provide trade execution and custodian services related to a client’s account. Established in 1983, National Financial Services, LLC is one of the nation’s largest providers of investment retail brokerage services.

To learn more about our relationship with Cambridge Investment Research & services offered through National Financial. We are also pleased to offer a complimentary initial consultation.

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